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The construction of Rajasthan High Court at Jodhpur has been completed and it has come out to be one of the most remarkable structures in all of north India.

The Blue City of Jodhpur has made it to the list of the world’s most inspiring cities, gaining the 76th rank. Other than Jodhpur, only one Indian city has made it to the list – Mumbai.

Jodhpur is hosting a total of 1000 weddings this year but the bride and the grooms have been deprived of cash withdrawals post note ban, causing a lot of distress.

Now that Modi has banned the existing Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes, here is what you need to know about dealing with the new directive released.

Know the timings to perform Lakshmi Puja this Diwali so as to get the most fruitful results.

Check out these amazing photographs to see the Diwali celebrations and decorations in Jodhpur.

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Clock Tower in Jodhpur is one of the must visit places in the Jodhpur city. Let's have a look at some of the most impressive photographs of the Clock Tower, Jodhpur.
Just as popular as its Rajasthani food, are the Jodhpur sweets. While you can find Jodhpur Sweets outlets in every city, eating the same when in Jodhpur is a totally different experience.
Jodhpur bazaars are full of a lot many beautiful antique pieces, colourful bandhej and tie and dye fabrics and Jodhpuri footwear that tempt people to buy.
Sardar bazaar, Kapra bazaar, Mochi bazaar and Sarafa bazaar are some of the most lively and famous bazaars of Jodhpur.
Everything from Makhaniya lassi to mirchi bada and besan ki chakki depicts the rich food culture of Jodhpur. Here are some must try food of Jodhpur.
Adventure enthusiasts must indulge into zip-lining activity by Jodhpur Flying Fox at Mehrangarh Fort.

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